Salsa Smoothie

My new obsession is smoothies. FINALLY after 15 mos of a broken Magic Bullet I got a new one!!!! (Well new to me one..... from Craigslist.) I mainly need to create fruit smoothies as I do NOT consume enough fruit. But I kept thinking... I love V8... I love salsa... how about a smoothie inspired by these flavors... the result was possibly the best smoothie I have EVER tasted! I want to drink 1K of these!!!

I am not sure anyone else besides my tomato-loving sister Jodi will want this recipe but just in case:

Add to your blender.

(In this order)

Tomatoes (I used 3 small Romas cuz they have been CHEAP at Aldis lately)
Small wedge of jalapeƱo ( I removed seeds because I only wanted a little kick)
Sliver red onion
Bunch of cilantro
Juice from one lime

Blend it up and ENJOY!

If there are any other tomato-weirdos out there, comment please so I know you liked this.


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