My new soup.... (Wild Creamy Chicken Soup)

I created a new soup!!!!  It doesn't really have a name yet.  I guess Jami's Soup would be a little redundant (because we already have a Becky's Soup) and a little odd to use my own name.  I lean towards the schnazzy so   I don't want a simple ingredients type name....  It contains wild rice and cream of chicken soup....  hmmm how bout:

Wild Creamy Chicken Soup

It is an UBBER easy shortcut routine reminiscent of Sandra Lee... and it is YUM to the EEEEEE!  Here you go:

Prepare a box of long grain wild rice (I used Rice a Roni... I think) according to microwave directions.
While this is cooking, start simmering a can of condensed cream of chicken soup (don't forget to add the can of milk).
As soon as the rice is ready, add it to the soup, and simmer at least fifteen minutes.

Serve it up!


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