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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reviving an old obsession

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite spots for recipes is the Kraft website.  I LOVE their site!  They used to mail this free magazine to me once a quarter, but they got cheap and turned it into a paid subscription so ALAS... I don't get it anymore.  Regardless they recently came up with a Blackberry App and it has re-lit the fire of my love for Kraftfoods.com.  On election day, I tried this recipe.  Now let me first say I ABHOR seafood... anything that swim (or creeps) in water I do NOT put in my mouth!  However, I acknowledge the health benefits of the slimy little creatures and realize that it is good parenting to expose my children to ALL foods (even those I can hardly stomach).  So I made the recipe.... and guess what???  I was actually able to choke down a little fish when it was smothered in Italian dressing and topped with mushrooms and cheese.

Anywhoo... take a little tour around the site... you can set up a recipe box to save recipes you like AND if you follow this link you can sign up to receive free new products from Kraft and be a "taste tester" for them.

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