Soup Week Day 7: Corn Chowder

We had another delay.... this one due to exhaustion and leftovers. This weekend was John's "on" weekend at Marquette so I played single-mom getting everybody to church on Sunday.... it is NOT a role I'm interested in repeating!  UGH!  Also we had TONS of leftover chili!  So Sunday night we just had leftovers. Then Monday it was time to finish up Soup Week with a BANG!  The most amazing soup in our arsenal.

I don't even remember how we stumbled upon Corn Chowder.  The name always kinda puts people off so let me start with a disclaimer:  there is NO fish in it!  NONE! just potatoes.... corn... and YUM!  Seriously this soup is AMAZING!

Warning:  It's another one without many measurements....

Corn Chowder

Dice one medium sized white onion. Saute it in EVOO and butter. Add about 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.

Once the onions are soft, sprinkle about 1/2 cup of flour to cover them. Stir it around until the onions are coated.

Add 12 cups of chicken broth (I use water and bouillon cubes). Bring this to a boil.

Add 4 cups of cream (heavy cream, half N half, nondairy creamer, even milk will do... I used half N half because I was trying to be half virtuous half decadent.) Return to a boil.

Peel and cube about 6 to 8 potatoes. Add them to the soup. Return to a boil.

Add two bags of frozen corn (you could use canned... drain it first! or you could cut kernels off a cob... up to you.).  After it is boiling again, turn the heat down and simmer for 20 or more minutes.

***IMPORTANT!!!!  This step is IMPORTANT!!!***

Turn off the heat. Remove the pan from the burner. Let your soup SIT for 15 minutes before serving it.



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