Corn Chowder

We <3 soup!  Fall is the BEST time of year because it allows us to SOUP it up!  Just last night (as I made corn chowder) the kids and I were fantasizing about all the soups we can make in the coming weeks:  cheesy vegetable, white chili, beer cheese, french onion... Mmmmmmmmmmm!  Can't wait!  But for last night, on the menu was:  Corn Chowder.

I am NOT lying to you.  This version of corn chowder we ate last night was LITERALLY the best thing I have EVER put in my mouth!  Holy Cow!  It was GOOD!  I used this recipe, but as always I tweaked....

***To begin with I doubled it because I wanted to have leftovers for lunch today :)
***Also I just eyeballed the butter and EVOO.
***left out the thyme because I didn't have any
***used vegetable bouillon cubes because I didn't have canned vegetable stock
***half a bag of frozen corn (SERIOUSLY? who has time to saw the kernels off cobs of corn?  GET REAL!)
***left out the parsley again didn't have it

I think the reason this soup tasted so good was because it was a heart attack in a bowl.... the butter and cream made it SOOOOOO rich and yummy!  I think the biggest thing though was:  I FINALLY found HEAVY whipping cream.... typically I have a hard time with this.  The store seems to carry half n half and whipping cream, but this was the first time I actually found HEAVY cream.  I believe that was the golden ticket.

Changes I'll make next time I make this :  (I know... I know... if it's not broke don't fix it, BUT I would have done just a couple of things a little better)

***triple the amount of potatoes in the chowder.... It was not chunky enough
***double the amount of corn in the chowder

So give it a try and let me know...


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