The 12 Treats of Christmas

Okay so this is one of those "great Jami ideas" that morphs a little EVERY single year :)  Here's the history:

We started out doing little treats/gifts for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas.  It was fun and it built up excitement for the season.  Well last year we were STRAPPED for cash so we changed it to the "12 Treats of Christmas" where each of the 12 days we made a treat to celebrate getting closer to Christmas.  Well this year we are REALLY in an "outreach mode" so we have decided to take on the daunting challenge of making enough treats to share with all of our neighbors (never before have I been so glad to live out in butt-nowhere with only 8 or 9 houses down my cul de sac!).  I feel a little like I'm bound to fail on this one, but I figure even if I succeed a few of the days it will bring a little holiday cheer to our neighbors.

I plan to also "share" the experience with you all here.  I'll post the recipe we try each day along with any "fun" episodes from the creating or delivering of the treats.

So here we go!  and

Merry Christmas!


  1. Are you making for everyone each day, or blessing a single family daily? Except for the part where I'm a much better cook than baker, this sounds like fun!


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