Day 1... Fudge

Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  NOT!  We did not get the FIRST treat of Christmas done!  Grrrr!  Whatever!  We're making two today then.  So today, Day 1 is Fudge.  Diane had a question that made me go, "Aha!" and GREATLY reduced my stress level up here in Butt-nowhere, WI...  we're picking one neighbor to share with each day instead of trying to deliver treats to all 8 each day.  PHEW!  Haven't decided what order to distribute in.... I think maybe we'll just start up the hill and then move down the cul de sac (don't know if you're reading my blogs but that means you're FIRST Jeremy and Tara!)

Here's the recipe we used (minus the nuts... we're nutty enough in this household without adding them to our baking :)  It's from my absolute FAV site for recipes!  Yummy yummy EASY fudge.


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