Day 4... Chocolate Covered Pretzels

And the award for treat "least likely to get a repeat performance in next year's 12 Treats of Christmas" goes to.... (drumroll please)....  Chocolate Covered Pretzels!  What a FLOP!  We're not even sharing these with a neighbor!  I'm too embarrassed to.  I mean they taste fine and all but YUCH! they look like a train wreck!


2 cups chocolate chips
1 Tsp whipping cream
(this ratio did NOT work for us... the chocolate was clumpy and horrible... I'm telling you, do NOT use this recipe!)

Melt chocolate.  Dip pretzels in chocolate.  [get HORRIBLY messy] Place on wax paper [getting even messier]; sprinkle with decorative sprinkles.  [Try hard, but unsuccessfully to remove chocolate from your hands.  Give up and resort to licking fingers clean; get SICK stomach from too much chocolate.]

Make at your own risk.


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