Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am SO obsessed with all things buffalo!!!! (sauce that it; not meat)... I was walking past an end of the aisle display at Walmart when it started speaking to me. No I mean it really started talking... there was a monitor playing a video of some TV chef touting this recipe.  I purchased the ingredients; slashed the fat and calories (see below) and YUMMY!  It was GREAT!

Here's how I slashed fat and calories:

*used 1 pkg of fat free cream cheese (woulda done both fat free but I already had a pckg of cream cheese at home that was reg... remember I'm cheap!)
*used low fat ranch
*meant to use 2% cheddar but forgot to grab it and had to use the reg I had at home :(
*meant to use celery but was too lazy to cut it up
*ate it with multigrain Tostitos


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