Rice cooker....

John found a rice cooker someone left behind in the dorm a few weeks ago.  I have always wanted to try one of these as I STINK at making rice the traditional way.  I have LOVED my experiments!!!!  There is only one flaw to it that I can't figure out:  the rice cooker has a "keep rice warm" setting but if I leave the rice in there then it tends to burn on the bottom :(

The thing didn't come with a decent manual so I've been searching the net and trying to figure out how to use it...  Here's what I've learned:

*recipe is same as one right on the bag of rice
*it seems to take less than 30 minutes to have PERFECT rice
*you can do MUCH more than plain rice in it... so far I've done cilantro lime rice and Spanish rice (the Spanish rice wasn't really flavorful enough so I'll try to jazz it up next time)
*it cleans up VERY quickly

So basically the point of this blog is:  a rice cooker is DEFINITELY worth a try... I love mine and plan to get busy figuring out how else I can use it.


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