Soup Week Day 3, 4, & 5

BAH!  So sorry these posts are woefully behind!  Been busy homeschooling and writing and reference checking... did NOT have time this week!  But soup week is still going strong!

Day 3:  Wild Creamy Chicken Soup (I KNOW we just had it but the kids wanted it on the menu for soup week so there you go)

Day 4:  Becky's Soup (a crowd FAVORITE... too bad my baby sis doesn't live closer)

Day 5: Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Jiminey Cricket!  That stuff is GOOD!) As always, we tweaked the recipe... instead of microwaving the potatoes, we cooked them in the chicken broth. Also we quintupled it (the neighbor kids ate here!!!! and I had a full batch of leftovers...). Used more bacon and cheddar than called for. mmmmmm I think that is it.

G'night all!  I'll post more soup tomorrow.


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