Quick chickeny noodle soup....

It's a chilly fall day. My sinuses are making me MISERABLE and my Aunt... well she's FREEZING anytime it dips below 85 degrees.  Didn't have any condensed soup or box mixes... So I made up my own from my pantry staples. Tasty! Quick! and WARM!

Quick Chickeny Noodle Soup

1 Tbsp. chicken bouillon granules
3 cups filtered water (I'm a little OCD about my water filtering)
dash of garlic
dash of celery salt
(woulda added a dash of parsley but couldn't find it in my spice cabinet... I have GOT to get an organizational system for that!)
2 - 3 handfuls of wide egg noodles

Brought the bouillon, water and seasonings to a boil. Tossed in handfuls of egg noodles. Boiled for 8 minutes. Served it. Yummy! Piping hot! and opening up my sinuses as we speak!



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