Chocolate Bombs

So a FB thread from Friday night introduced me to Applebee's Dessert Shooters. I looked up a copycat recipe, made it easier (because there was NO way I was making chocolate mousse from SCRATCH!) and ohhhhhhhhhh MYLANTA!  Heavenly dessert!  We're calling them (Jeremiah named them):

Chocolate Bombs

12 oreos
1 small pckg. instant chocolate pudding
1 1/2 cups milk
16 oz. cool whip
6 Tbsp. Godiva white chocolate liquer
6 oz. chocolate chips
6 Tbsp. hot fudge sundae topping
whipped cream

Crush Oreos and place 2 Tbsp. crumbs in the bottom of 6 small glasses.
Whisk milk into pudding mix until thoroughly combined; fold in cool whip and Godiva. Scoop onto oreo crumbs.
Chop up chocolate chips; sprinkle on mousse.
Top with a layer of hot fudge.
Cool 20 - 30 minutes in fridge.
Top with whip cream and serve.

[Be careful the alcohol apparently settles at the bottom of the mousse cuz WOW that last bite is POTENT!]


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