Kastner McMuffins....

This is John's new breakfast staple... it's quick... it's yummy... it's PACKED with protein. Dependent upon how virtuous we're feeling (and how long it has been since we've been to the store)... this is healthy or decadent. Here's what you need:

healthy - Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread or English Muffin
mediocre - whole wheat toast or english muffin
very little nutritional value - generic white flour english muffin from Walmart

healthy - make your own turkey sausage patty... no recipe for this one yet but I'm tackling it next week and will post it when I master it
mediocre - turkey sausage patty from Walmart
heart attack in patty form - maple flavored pork sausage patty from Walmart

only one way to do this one

healthy - leave it off
medicore - provolone or mozzarella
fattening - cheddar

Pop your bread in the toaster.
Wrap your sausage patty in a paper towel and heat it in the microwave. (our micro takes 1 min)
Spray a glass custard dish with non-stick spray; crack an egg into it; use a fork to break up the yoke a little so it doesn't explode. Wrap entire custard dish in a paper towel to prevent splatters, allowing your egg to breathe while it cooks. (our micro takes 1 min)
Layer sausage, egg and cheese on your bread choice (add some butter or mayo to your bread if you're being truly decadent) making a sandwich.



  1. If you don't mind the egg scrambled, you could use the egg substitute as well.

    I'll take a look through my actual recipe cards soon and look for the turkey breakfast sausage recipe I had. It makes patties which freeze well and would be perfect for this.


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